24 March 2020

Dean Provides Encouragement for the CTAHR ‘Ohana

...And update on work-from-home policies

Dean Provides Encouragement for the CTAHR ‘Ohana

CTAHR Dean Nick Comerford offered words of encouragement and praise to the faculty, staff, students, and volunteers of the college, who are continuing to work to provide essential services in the face of mounting concerns.

“Extension is looking for ways to help communities in their health, nutrition, and access to food,” he said. “Our faculty who are teaching online this semester have been ingenious about how to accommodate the new rules, while providing our students with an education. Our staff have been outstanding in keeping the day-to-day activities going, from payroll to addressing individual problems.”

He provided guidance on work-from-home options: page 1 and page 2.

And last but not least, he offered a song to brighten a dark day: “Here Comes the Sun”! Take a listen to put a smile on your face.

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