Where? At the Fall Fair! 5 October 2018

Where? At the Fall Fair!

About 100 students, faculty, and staff attended the CTAHR Fall Fair on Friday, September 21. This year’s event had a special focus: the new student lounge, which offers students a safe place to meet, study, and learn. It is also the home of the new student food pantry, which will be expanding throughout the year.

Scoops to You 20 September 2018

Scoops to You

Don’t forget to go to the Fall Fair on Friday, September 21, from 12:30 to 2:30 p.m. in Gilmore Hall room 122. Along with the traditional ice cream-eating contest, this year’s Fall Fair will also include a grand opening ceremony for the new student lounge. Free pupus and ice cream sundaes will be provided to those who attend.

Entrepreneurial Excellence 20 September 2018

Entrepreneurial Excellence

The Hawai‘i branch of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization is calling for applications for the fourth annual competition recognizing student entrepreneurs statewide. The Global Student Entrepreneur Awards (GSEA) is the premier international awards program for student entrepreneurs.

A Park for All Ages 20 September 2018

A Park for All Ages

The Honolulu City Council has adopted a resolution to endorse the updated development outcomes for the Aiea Town Center Master Plan, a design plan produced by Andy Kaufman’s landscape design course! The course, TPSS/ARCH 354, was comprised of CTAHR/TPSS and ARCH students. Student Erin Chow created the plan pictured here.

The ‘Āina Is in Good Hands 20 September 2018

The ‘Āina Is in Good Hands

There was lots of participation from NREM this year at the 25th Annual Hawaiʻi Conservation Conference (HCC). The 48 total participants from NREM gave 76 presentations over the two days of the conference, on subjects of great environmental importance and interest, from endangered native land snails to aerial drones.



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