Health in the Pacific 2 November 2018

Health in the Pacific

Rachel Novotny and co-authors have published the trial main effect paper on the effects of the Children’s Healthy Living (CHL) project. “Effect of the Children’s Healthy Living Program on Young Child Overweight, Obesity, and Acanthosis Nigricans in the US-Affiliated Pacific Region: A Randomized Clinical Trial,” which appeared in JAMA Open Network.

Fresh and Salty 25 October 2018

Fresh and Salty

MS alumna Keano Pavlosky, now in medical school at JABSOM, is first author of a recently published article, “The Effects of Transfer From Steady-State to Tidally-Changing Salinities on Plasma and Branchial Osmoregulatory Variables in Adult Mozambique Tilapia,” based on the MS thesis she completed in the lab of co-author Andre Seale (HNFAS).

Elders on the (Financial) Edge 5 October 2018

Elders on the (Financial) Edge

Jenjira Yahirun and Hua Zan (both COF) have just published a brief on “The Economic Well-Being of Hawai‘i’s Older Adults & Their Families” that describes the financial struggles that a segment of the older population experiences in the state. It shows that, on average, the economic well-being of Hawai‘i’s older adults has not improved after the Great Recession.

The Science Behind Aquaponics 5 October 2018

The Science Behind Aquaponics

Samir Khanal (MBBE) and his former Ph.D. student Sumeth Wongkiew, in collaboration with Kartik Chandran of Columbia University, just published one of the first fundamental studies on aquaponics linking nitrogen transformations to microbial communities in aquaponic systems in the top-rated nature-index journal Environmental Science and Technology.

High Impact 20 September 2018

High Impact

Samir Khanal (MBBE) and his co-authors, including MBBE grad students Chayanon Sawatdeenarunat, K.C. Surendra, and Devin Takara, have received a BIORESTEC 2018 Impactful Research Award from the journal Bioresource Technology for their paper “Anaerobic Digestion of Lignocellulosic Biomass: Challenges and Opportunities.”


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