Wildfire in a Changing World 7 December 2018

Wildfire in a Changing World

A new research paper published by Clay Trauernicht (NREM) in the journal Science of the Total Environment is the first study to link climate change to increasing wildfire probability in Hawai‘i. His analysis indicates that climate change will increase the annual risk of wildfire by as much as 375% for parts of the Big Island and most of this change will happen within the next several decades.  

Fast Fashion 7 December 2018

Fast Fashion

Andy Reilly (FDM) has published an article in the journal Fashion, Style, and Popular Culture called “Attention Deficit Fashion.” Using a post-postmodern perspective, he and his co-author offer a framework for analyzing the current social and industrial practices that have resulted in the rapid turnover of clothing purchases and styles. 

Investigating Entropy 7 December 2018

Investigating Entropy

NREM Professor Emeritus Chennat Gopalakrishnan is guest editor of a special issue of the Journal of Natural Resources Policy focused on “Institutional Entropy: Causes, Consequences, and Corrective Measures.” The journal is issuing a call for papers that clarify and illuminate all aspects of institutional entropy, examining in detail its causes and consequences and suggesting possible solutions. 

Shell Gain 7 December 2018

Shell Gain

Members of two departments collaborated to publish a new study in the prestigious journal Nature Scientific Report. Co-authors Nirvay Sah, Birendra Mishra, and Rajesh Jha (all HNFAS) and Donna Lee Kuehu (MBBE) discussed novel genes that are involved in the regulation of egg formation in poultry. 

A Step Above 23 November 2018

A Step Above

Jenjira Yahirun (COF) recently co-authored an article on the demographics of step-grandparenthood in the United States that examines its prevalence across birth cohorts and in different socioeconomic and racial/ethnic groups. Grandparents have been shown to be increasingly instrumental in the lives of younger generations, but little attention has been paid to step-grandparents, a gap that this study seeks to fill.


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