Get With the Process 27 September 2019

Get With the Process

Contrary to popular belief, processed foods are not all bad

Assistant professor Kacie Ho (HNFAS) recently co-authored two articles that highlight how processed foods can be used to meet nutritional needs. One describes how processing strategies in alignment with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) have been used to improve the nutritional quality of foods, and the second discusses compositional differences between whole fruit and processed 100% fruit juice and how both can align with health goals. 

How Salty? 27 September 2019

How Salty?

New research looks into tilapia’s ability to live in varying salinities

Aquaculture researcher Andre Seale is lead author on a new publication, “Systemic Versus Tissue-Level Prolactin Signaling in a Teleost During a Tidal Cycle.” As the abstract explains, Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) are native to estuaries where they encounter tidal fluctuations in water salinity. These fluctuations can be dramatic, subjecting the fish to salinities characteristic of both fresh water and seawater within a single tidal cycle. 

Why Hasn’t Hunger Been Solved in the U.S.? 18 September 2019

Why Hasn’t Hunger Been Solved in the U.S.?

Author discusses the ”unholy alliance” between anti-hunger groups and corporate America

Andy Fisher, author of Big Hunger, food security activist, and former executive director of the Community Food Security Coalition, gave a talk detailing his conclusions from research into growing food insecurity in the US and the solutions that he sees might resolve the issue. He spoke to a packed audience in the Richardson Law School’s Moot Courtroom. His talk, part of the UH speaker series, was co-hosted by CTAHR and the Hawaii Community Foundation.

Connections of Community 11 September 2019

Connections of Community

NREM professor joins natural resources with Hawaiian studies

Mehana Vaughan, a faculty member in NREM and the Sea Grant College Program and a member of Hui ‘Āina Momona, will be presenting from her book Kaiāulu: Gathering Tides in the Brown Bag Biography series, which offers “discussions of life writing by and for town and gown.”

Getting Some Buzz 11 September 2019

Getting Some Buzz

Video on bee virus is going viral

Bee health researcher Ethel Villalobos (PEPS) is featured in a recent episode of the video series How Close Are We, which looks at possible solutions to some of the world’s major problems and questions. For the episode “How Close Are We to Saving the Bees?” Ethel discusses Colony Collapse Disorder, a mysterious phenomenon in which whole bee colonies disappear for reasons that are still unclear.


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