The Face of Nutrition 26 November 2019

The Face of Nutrition

Send in your submission for the cover of revised nutrition textbook

Faculty and grad assistants in the Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences department created an open-access online textbook to serve as an introduction to nutrition for undergraduate students. It covers basic concepts in human nutrition, key information about essential nutrients, basic nutritional assessment, and nutrition across the lifespan. They’re now looking for submissions for a new cover image for a revised edition! Image submissions should reflect food, nutrition, and the beautiful Hawaiian community.

Get With the Process 27 September 2019

Get With the Process

Contrary to popular belief, processed foods are not all bad

Assistant professor Kacie Ho (HNFAS) recently co-authored two articles that highlight how processed foods can be used to meet nutritional needs. One describes how processing strategies in alignment with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA) have been used to improve the nutritional quality of foods, and the second discusses compositional differences between whole fruit and processed 100% fruit juice and how both can align with health goals. 

Publication Plus 20 August 2019

Publication Plus

Nutrition student recognized for significant research into obesity

When grad student Michael Wong (PhD, Nutrition Science) submitted his first paper—ever!—to the Journal of Obesity, he didn’t know what he was setting in motion. Not only was it accepted for publication; it was selected as one of the top five submissions of the year, praised as a study that “significantly furthers our scientific understanding of obesity.”

Now his paper, titled “Children and Adolescent’s Anthropometrics Body Composition from 3D Optical Surface Scans,” is going to be published and featured in the November issue of Obesity and will appear prominently in a press release that the Obesity Society will issue then. In addition, he has been asked to attend the society’s ObesityWeek event in Las Vegas in November to present the paper in person in a special session.

To Bean or Natto Bean, That Is the Question 6 August 2019

To Bean or Natto Bean, That Is the Question

Soybean variety trial and hands-on workshop was a success

Natto…people love it or they hate it. Making natto is a good way to preserve soybeans, add nutritional content, create a value-added product, and produce a distinctive flavor and texture that some swear by…and others swear about. Participants at the recent natto workshop at the Pearl City Urban Garden Center were decidedly of the former camp, eagerly tasting different preparations of the sometimes-slithery fermented soybean condiment and learning how to make it themselves.

Eating Well in Wai‘anae 29 May 2019

Eating Well in Wai‘anae

Members of CTAHR teamed up with volunteers from WCCHC, Kamehameha Schools, Sacred Hearts Church, and Hoa Aina O Makaha to do some good on the West side. At ‘Ohana Night at Wai‘anae Elementary, a nutrition outreach event coordinated with Wai‘anae Coast Comprehensive Health Center and Hawaii Foodbank, they were provided over 12,700 pounds of food, including 700 pounds of locally grown produce,to 581 community members in need of sustenance!


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