Thanks for the Memories 7 May 2020

Thanks for the Memories

O‘ahu Cooperative Extension says Aloha! to two esteemed colleagues

Two longtime members of the CTAHR ‘ohana are leaving for fresh adventures. Naomi Kanehiro, an Extension agent in Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences; and Nestor Dela Cruz, an agricultural technician at the Urban Garden Center, have dedicated their careers to CTAHR and will be missed.

Decapitating Invaders! 7 May 2020

Decapitating Invaders!

PEPS professor weighs in on the murder hornet

Entomologist and invasive species expert Dan Rubinoff was interviewed by KHON about the scary possibility that the highly aggressive “murder hornet” recently discovered in the Pacific Northwest will make its way to Hawai‘i…and what the effects will be if it does reach our shores.

“Misbehavior” Is How Children Express Fear and Confusion 6 May 2020

“Misbehavior” Is How Children Express Fear and Confusion

CTAHR’s Center on the Family offers parenting tips during lockdown

The pandemic is creating stress, keeping everyone in close quarters, and curtailing opportunities to get help and take a break from parenting. According to experts, all of these factors add up to a potential spike in child abuse. Center on the Family director Barbara DeBaryshe was interviewed for a UH News story on how to keep domestic life on an even keel during the crisis.

Nurturing the Next Generation 29 April 2020

Nurturing the Next Generation

MBBE professor wins UHM mentoring award

Congratulations to Pratibha Nerurkar for winning the 2020 Faculty Award for Excellence in Mentoring Undergraduate Research and Creative Work! The Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering Associate Professor was recognized by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research (OVCR). She is one of only two UHM faculty each year who are honored with this award.

The Pests Keep Coming 28 April 2020

The Pests Keep Coming

So the work continues at Kona Research Station

Fighting plant pests is just one of the many ways Nick Yamauchi, Dylan Cunningham, Matt Miyahira, Andrea Kawabata, Elizabeth Whitney, Yoshiaki Higashide, Justin Yeh, and other CTAHR faculty and staff on Hawai‘i Island are working diligently to keep grant-funded projects moving forward, while maintaining social distancing and other precautions.


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