Gut Check for Poultry 6 July 2020

Gut Check for Poultry

Paper on chickens’ intestinal health wins top award

Rajesh Jha and his grad student Sudhir Yadav of the Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences were awarded the 2019 Best Paper Award by the Journal of Animal Science and Biotechnology.

Taking Home a Bronze 15 June 2020

Taking Home a Bronze

Voice of the Sea episode about CTAHR wins a Telly Award

The Hawai’i Sea Grant center was awarded a Bronze Telly Award for educational institution programming for its episode on some CTAHR programs and faculty. This episode of Voice of the Sea explores traditional farming practices, indigenous plants, and chemicals in the aquatic environment and their effects on food fishes.

Direct-to-Consumer Livestock Sales 12 May 2020

Direct-to-Consumer Livestock Sales

Learn how to e-market your animal products online

Know about livestock, but not about social media? If you’re interested in diversifying your business by marketing meat and other animal products direct-to-consumer, then RSVP for a new “Online Livestock Marketing Webinar Series,” starting Tuesday, May 19, at 6:00 p.m.

Beefing Up Production 24 April 2020

Beefing Up Production

HNFAS Extension agent improves pregnancy rates for Wagyu cattle

Wagyu, a Japanese breed of cattle, produces high-quality meat prized by chefs the world over. Unfortunately for steak lovers, Wagyu are also known for having poor reproductive rates. But Kyle Caires is on a mission to change that. He just took the next step forward in his long-term quest to improve the reproductive technologies of cattle with his latest paper.

Pigs and Papaya 8 April 2020

Pigs and Papaya

CTAHR Extension is helping two industries save each other

The pig farmers had no feed for their pigs. The papaya farmers had no market for their papayas. But CTAHR brought them together. Extension livestock agent Mike DuPonte, a member of the Hawaii Island Pork Association, is coordinating with Hawaii Papaya Industry Association president Eric Weinert to feed surplus papayas to the pigs.


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