27 September 2019

A Twitter Symphony

Grade-school classes are invited to bird conservation-themed concert

A Twitter Symphony

Last year’s artistic and ecological success, the Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds, spearheaded by Melissa Price (NREM), is coming back with two additional free keiki concert dates! This multimedia production with the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra brings together music, art, and hula to teach students in grades 4 through 12 about Hawai‘i’s endangered forest bird species. 

Volunteers are needed on either Thursday, October 17, at the Pearl City Cultural Center, orTuesday, November 5, at the Blaisdell Concert Hall. Volunteers will assist from 8–10:45 a.m. and are then invited to enjoy the second performance of the symphony, from 10:45–11:30. Please fill out this form to indicate which day(s) you can help!

Registration for the November 5 performances, either at 9:30 and 10:45 a.m., is still open for interested teachers of grades 4–12, so please help spread the word! 

Teachers should register on the website as soon as possible (note that a blank screen may come up after submission, but that should indicate that the registration went through). Registration will be confirmed as soon as possible to enable booking of school buses. Signup is on a first come, first served basis. 


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