The Commencement Video 7 June 2021

The Commencement Video

CTAHR students are well represented at Spring 2021 convocation

More than 1,250 students across the UHM system graduated May 13-16, including CTAHR students at the undergraduate, graduate, and PhD levels. The UH ITS team captured the whole weekend on video, adding the students' names to the lower third, along with the dissertation titles and sponsor names of the PhD students.

Watch the full CTAHR Commencement video, with an introduction by Dean Comerford. Also visit the UHM commencement site, which will be populated with videos and still shots in the coming week. Mahalo to the Mānoa Commencement Team for making Spring 2021 a successful and well-recorded event.

Slavers and Grave Robbers 7 June 2021

Slavers and Grave Robbers

Do bird societies cling to a racist past?

If you think woke is a joke, try this on for size: the pretty red bird known as Jameson’s Firefinch is named for John Sligo Jameson, who once purchased a young girl as “a joke” and drew sketches of the child being stabbed and dismembered. So begins the article, “The racist legacy many birds carry,” in a recent The Washington Post. Included in the story is commentary by Olivia Wang, a grad student in the Dept. of Natural Resources and Environmental Management. “They are a reminder that this field I work in was primarily developed and shaped by people not like me, who probably would have viewed me as lesser,” Olivia is quoted. “They are also a reminder of how Western ornithology, and natural exploration in general, was often tied to a colonialist mind-set of conquering and exploiting and claiming ownership of things, rather than learning from the humans who were already part of the ecosystem and had been living alongside these birds for lifetimes.”

Olivia goes on to discuss the proposed renaming of the Maui parrotbill to kiwikiu, which was initially refused and ridiculed by the American Ornithological Society.

 “I called out the AOS and [its North American Classification Committee] for censoring some racist and offensive comments the [committee] made when discussing the … proposal,” she is quoted.

Read the Full Article.

What’s the Weather? 7 June 2021

What’s the Weather?

Mealani and Kona gain weather stations – and with them, a trove of data

In Hawaiʻi, when you check the weather forecast, you often get a prediction of partly sunny, partly cloudy, and partly rainy – talk about covering all possibilities!

But if you’d like to know exactly what the weather is at Mealani Research Station in Kamuela, Hawaiʻi Island, or Kona Research Station in Kealakekua, Hawaiʻi Island, you can simply click HERE, because on May 20, two new weather stations were installed. Now, when you visit the Mealani and Kona stations, you can find out the current weather conditions, which are updated every 15 minutes. You can learn about the temperatures during the past 24 hours (including daily maximum and daily minimum temps), daily accumulated rainfall, and total solar radiation. The Kona weather station also gives the relative humidity and dew point (the temperature at which dew can form).

The Mealani weather station will be useful in predicting the growth of pasture grasses for cattle grazing in the Kamuela area. The Kona weather station will help us predict coffee growth in the Kealakekua area, as well as monitor the development of pests and diseases, such as the coffee berry borer and coffee leaf rust.

The Kona weather station was funded by a USDA-ARS CBB AW project and the Mealani weather station was funded by CTAHR internal funds for improving research capacity.

Miller Time 7 June 2021

Miller Time

The Home Garden Network creates a lounge area

No, you can’t crack open a cold one here. But if you’re in Miller Hall or nearby, and need a place to just hang out, then check out “The Korner.” Created by student interns of the Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences’ Human Development and Family Studies program, The Korner is a free, open space area where students, faculty, and staff can meet new people and create networks, explains Sothy Eng. It’s available for anyone to study, have lunch, or sit and carry fun conversations with friends. “We also designed The Korner to spread the word about HDFS’ Home Garden Network (HGN), a meaningful community program, and all that it does with gardening and healthy lifestyles,” he says.

To build awareness of the lounge, students also made a brief but entertaining WELCOME VIDEO, and invite students to stop by.

“Our favorite part is all the plants that surround the lounge area,” say Emma Castro and Jamie Fujii. “It feels very welcoming and there is even a spray bottle to help water and take care of the plants, too. We hope it will help welcome students back to the UH Mānoa campus in the Fall.”

Fundraiser! 7 June 2021


T-shirt sales will benefit CTAHR student programs

If you’re a recent grad, not-so-recent grad, or just want to get involved, I’ll let you in on a little secret: The CTAHR Alumni Association and Friends. The recently re-formed group will support CTAHR student programs through fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, and connecting students to careers – and first up is a T-shirt!

The super-soft shirts are made in the USA, using an organic eco-friendly 50/50 material partly made from recycled plastic bottles. Order tees for the whole family HERE. All proceeds from the sales will go toward supporting CTAHR students and CTAHR student programming!


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