Close Family Friends 28 October 2019

Close Family Friends

FCS student group offers outreach to keiki and families

The Friends of the Family student club of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences hosted a booth at the 26th annual Children and Youth Day on the grounds of the Hawaii State Capitol. An estimated 50,000 people attended this free event for Hawai‘i’s families. The Friends of the Family members shared dehydration-prevention methods with children and parents and engaged the keiki in drawing pictures of how they stay hydrated every day.

A Major Webinar 2 February 2018

A Major Webinar

Interested in CTAHR majors and scholarships? Tune into CTAHR’s first live webinar on the topic.

‘Ulu Day on Maui 12 September 2017

‘Ulu Day on Maui

Maui Master Gardeners helped homeowners select appropriate trees and TPSS’s Noa Lincoln described his research on the staple food crop during the Valley Isle’s first La ‘Ulu (Breadfruit Day).

KIDS COUNT 15 June 2017


June - 2017

Center on the Family announces release of Annie E. Casey Foundation’s annual KIDS COUNT Data Book for Hawai‘i, which uses 16 indicators to rank the state on what children need to thrive.

4-H for Hawai‘i 8 June 2017

4-H for Hawai‘i

It's not just livestock

Beyond livestock, 4-H promotes youth well-being, leadership skills, community engagement, and STEM activities, says state coordinator Jeff Goodwin.


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