20 June 2024

Extension Recognition

Agents and Specialists receive tenure, promotions

Extension Recognition

by Jeremy Elliott-Engel

Please join me in extending the warmest congratulations to our Extension faculty (A and S) who have received recognition from their clients, peers, and the University for their contributions. Because of these individuals, CTAHR Cooperative Extension is improving people’s lives, economies, communities. I thank each of you for your dedication, talent, and contributions. I congratulate you on these highest of achievements!


  • Amjad Ahmand, Assistant Extension Agent, TPSS
  • Russell Galanti, Junior Extension Agent, TPSS
  • Rosemary Gutierrez-Coarite, Assistant Extension Agent, TPSS
  • Emilie Kirk, Assistant Extension Agent, TPSS
  • Ryan Kurasaki, Junior Specialist, MBBE



  • Amjad Ahmad, Associate Extension Agent, TPSS
  • Rosemary Gutierrez-Coarite, Associate Extension Agent, TPSS
  • Emilie Kirk, Associate Extension Agent, TPSS
  • Mehana Vaughn, Professor, NREM


Delegated Promotion

  • Hallie Cristobal, Assistant Extension Agent, FCS
  • Russell Galanti, Assistant Extension Agent, TPSS
  • Marielle Hampton, Assistant Extension Agent, FCS


And a shout out to these Researchers who regularly support Extension’s endeavor for their promotion:

  • Michael Melzer, Researcher, PEPS
  • Andre Seale, Researcher, HNFAS

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