CTAHR Philosophy on Agricultural Technology


Hawai‘i has a centuries-old tradition of food production, and CTAHR is continuing this agricultural tradition into  the 21st century. Hawai‘i’s farmers, from small-scale and  beginning farmers to well-established operations, face many challenges and opportunities. The role of CTAHR as a land-grant institution is to assist all members and sectors of Hawai‘i’s food and agricultural system to reach their full potential in an environmentally and socially compatible way. Using tools developed over millennia, societies worldwide have developed resilient agricultural systems, well adapted to social and environmental conditions unique to their locations. Today, agricultural scientists continue to partner with the community in the effort to meet the food needs of a growing world population. This is achieved by addressing contemporary agricultural problems with the most advanced scientific capabilities, while respecting earlier contributions of agriculturalists and traditional approaches to agriculture. New technologies, integrated with time-tested production methods, have been developed to increase the net productivity of agricultural systems in order to provide food for society. CTAHR promotes the improved efficiency of traditional food production programs through increased knowledge. We conduct research that develops and tests new biological, ecological, chemical, and genetic technologies, through near-market and strategic research. We uphold the values of academic freedom and respect the rights of farmers and consumers to decide which technologies are most appropriate.

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