Sustainable Tropical Fruit and Nut Systems

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Papaya is still one of the top tropical fruits produced in Hawaii
The macadamia nut industry is currently facing a serious pest- macadamia felted coccid
The coffee industry continues to battle coffee berry borer
Cacao has potential as a value-added crop for Hawaii growers
Avocados are nutritious and delicious!


What We Do

The goals of the sustainable tropical fruit and nut systems lab are to address issues related to production, management, processing, and marketing of tropical fruit and nut crops through creating interdisciplinary teams. We believe in collaborating with others in academia and industry to address important constraints and limitations to sustainable production. The purpose of this website is to provide resources, tools, and information regarding tropical fruit and nut production. For more information about current research projects being conducted, please see the research link. If you are a grower, please see the extension link for access to a calendar of current extension programs and events for commercial producers. Please feel free to visit the resources link to gain access to more information about tropical fruit and nut production. 


If you require information in an alternative format, please contact us