Volume 18: Dec 2013 | Jan | Feb 2014

  • 2 August 2016
  • Author: Moore
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PEST ALERT: Little Fire Ants
Peaches in Hawaii?
Turfgrass Integrated Pest Management
Do It Yourself Affordable Screen Houses
USDA-APHIS Web-Based Tools for “Bug Busting”
Hawai‘i’s Growing Farm to School Movement
The Hawai‘i Public Seed Network Continues to Grow
ArgriBusiness Incubator: Positioning and Branding:                         Differentiate Yourself

Featured Farmer:
William Tubz Kalipi
Loko Maikaʻi Farm, Hoʻolehua, Molokaʻi

Growing area: 6 acres non-certified organic
Years farming in Hawai'i: My family has always produced kalo (taro) for home consumption. I have been farming commercially for 2 years after graduating from the Molokaʻi Native Hawaiian Beginning Farmer Program
Crops: kalo, fruit trees, and pigs
Fertility management: I integrate conventional, organic, and Korean Natural Farming (KNF) inputs
Pest management: No major pests, but damaging winds, so I erect trees an shrubs for windbreaks
What Sustainability Means to You: Making a living for myself and my family. Stable income from sales from short term cash crops (luau leaf) alongside mid/long-term crops (kalo and avocado)

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Hot Tip from Loko Maikaʻi Farm
--No scared - fail forward. Go all in: if you go half assed, that's what you get. If you don't plant, you will not harvest.
--Invest in planning and infrastructure, especially wind breaks.

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