Volume 16: June | July | Aug 2013

  • 2 August 2016
  • Author: Moore
  • Number of views: 1173

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The Nutritional Benefits of Eating Locally
Investigating the probable cause of crop decline in central Oʻahu
West Maui Coral Reef Initiative
Rapid Carbon Assessment comes to Hawai‘i
Hundreds Learn about Taro in Waimanalo

ArgriBusiness Incubator: Cost of Production

Featured Farmer:
Ann and Owen Kaneshiro
Kane Farm, Waiʻanae, Oʻahu

Growing area: 30 acres non-certified organic
Years farming in Hawai'i: 33 years
Crops: mānoa lettuce, kai choy, pak choi, daikon, kale, beets, mizuna, radish
Fertility management: synthetic fertilizers, cover cropping, composted chicken manure
Pest management: pesticide rotation to minimize resistance, rapeseed soil fumigants, soil solarization

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Hot Tip from Kane Farm
The ability to work very hard (7 days a week), but also to strive for perfection if possible. And to never be satisfied, there's always room for improvement! This is what I've learned from Owen.

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