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The Sustainable and Organic Agriculture Program (SOAP), of the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources






Cover Crop Calculator

Cover Crop Calculator


Backed by CTAHR research, farmers can now use a biomass subsample to determine cover crop inputs.










Locally Available Fertilizers

Locally Available Fertilizers


Locally available products such as seaweed, vermicompost, bone meal products, etc. can now replace many mainland fertilizer inputs.






Food Sustainability

Food Sustainability


Partnering with public and private organizations to increase local food production and access.










Hoop Houses

Pest Exclusion Systems


SOAP is working to evaluate the benefits of various pest exclusion systems for commercial production systems in Hawai'i.






Certified Organic Lands and Seeds

Certified Organic


Working to increase certified organic lands in Hawaii and offer CTAHR seeds, grown on organically certified croplands.










Protecting Island Resources

Protecting Our Natural Resources


Advancing sustainable agriculture practices that safeguard our island resources and are culturally respectful of our local traditions and values.










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