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Research on conservation tillage
Research on conservation tillage with sunn hemp
students in field
PEPS graduate students Gabriel Schierman (left) and Miriam Long (right front), help PEPS faculty and staff transplant basil into a plot in Waimanalo.

Research at PEPS

Agriculture, urban, and natural environments are severely affected by invasive plants, arthropods (and other animals), and disease-causing organisms. Management of these pests is essential to preserve the economic and ecological future of Hawai'i and the Pacific Basin. Societal concerns about protecting our natural resources and the environment have resulted in a drive to reduce dependance on the use of pesticides, and instead focussing on biological control, integrated pest management, cultural, traditional, and genetically based methods of suppressing invasive species.

Hawaii's location in the Pacific basin provides students with an ideal setting for tropical pest management and environmental studies. The unique island ecosystem includes many cropping niches from humid tropical environments to arid temperate conditions. In addition, the multitude of agricultural and landscape plants produced provides a natural laboratory to study a diversity of urban and agricultural environments. The multicultural aspect of the human population further adds to the intriguing plant, human, and pest interactions that are a part of the PEPS academic and research program. Hawai'i is also home to an impressive proportion of endemic species, and exploring, analyzing and protecting that endemic biodiversity is an important focus addressed by our department.

Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences

3050 Maile Way

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Honolulu, HI 96822

Phone: (808) 956-7076

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Department Chair

Dr. Koon-Hui Wang

Graduate Chairs

Dr. Mark Wright,

Dr. Brent Sipes,
Tropical Plant Pathology

Undergraduate Advising

Michael Melzer

Miaoying Tian

Koon-Hui Wang



Undergraduate Curriculum


Mohammad Arif

Gordon Bennett

Brent Sipes






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