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PEPS Faculty

Phone / Email
M. Arif, Ph.D. 
Assistant Researcher
Molecular host-bacterial interactions, bacterial genomics, population genetics
St. John 205 (808) 956-7765 
Gordon M. Bennett IV, Ph.D.

Assistant Researcher

Insect symbiosis and vector biology

Lab website:

Gilmore Hall 512  (808) 956-2000 

Wayne Borth, Ph.D. 

Assistant Researcher

Plant virology
St. John 310

 (808) 956-7317

Zhiqiang Cheng, Ph.D.

Assistant Specialist
Turfgrass and landscape pest management

Gilmore 609

 (808) 956 6416
Raymond Curruthers, Ph.D.
population ecology, integrated pest management, biological control 
Komohana Research and Extension Center, Hilo   (808) 969 8211
Julian Dupuis, Ph.D.
Junior Researcher
evolutionary biology and speciation, insect systematics, population genetics and genomics
USDA Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center, Hilo   

Richard Ebesu, M.S.

Associate Extension Agent

General fruits and vegetables, home gardens, IPM

Kaua'i Extension Office

 (808) 274-3475

Curtis Ewing, Ph.D.
Junior Researcher
Forest Entomology
 Komohana Research and Extension Center, Hilo   

Stephen A. Ferreira, Ph.D.

Associate Specialist

Crop protection, extension education

St. John 312

(808) 956-7854

J. Kenneth Grace, Ph.D.
Associate Dean/Director for Research, CTAHR
Termite biology and control, insect behavior (currently unavailable as graduate adviser)

Gilmore 202B

(808) 956-8131

Jason Graham, Ph.D.
Junior Researcher
pollinator management, native bee conservation, bee health and biodiversity
Gilmore 608   

Rosemary Gutierrez, Ph.D.

Junior Researcher

Macadamia felted coccid management

Komohana Research and Extension Center, Hilo

 (808) 981-5199

William Haines, Ph.D.

Junior Researcher

Lepidoptera systematics, insect conservation

Gilmore 608

(808) 956-9123

Randall T. Hamasaki, M.S.

Extension Agent

Vegetables, Tea, and Blueberries

Kamuela Extension Office

 (808) 887-6183

John Hu, Ph.D.



St. John 310C

(808) 956-7281

Michael K Kawate, Ph.D.


Pesticide Registration, Efficacy, Residues, Application License (Cat. 10)

St. John 017

 (808) 956-6008

Paul Krushelnycky, Ph.D.
Assistant Researcher

Invasive ant ecology and control, conservation biology, invasion biology

Gilmore 612A


(808) 956-8261

Meng Mao, Ph.D. 
Junior Researcher
Insect-microbial symbiosis
 Gilmore 512   

Michael J. Melzer, Ph.D.

Assistant Researcher

Agrosecurity, virology

St. John 315

 (808) 956-7887

Russell H. Messing, Ph.D.
Kauai County Administrator
Fruit fly ecology and management, biological control

Kaua'i Agricultural Research Center

(808) 822-4984 ext. 223/227

Ishakh Pulakkatu Thodi, Ph.D.
Junior Researcher
Coffee berry borer management, integrated pest management
Komohana Research and Extension Center, Hilo
(808) 969-8255

Daniel Rubinoff, Ph.D.
Professor and Director, UH Insect Museum
Insect systematics, invasive species, conservation biology, evolution of ecological traits

Gimore 412A


(808) 956-8432

Kelvin T. Sewake, M.S.

Interim Assoc Dean/Director, Cooperative Extension

Gilmore 203B

(808) 956-8397

Robin S. Shimabuku, M.S.

Extension Agent

Kahului Extension Office

(808) 244-3242 ext. 231

Brent S. Sipes, Ph.D.

Graduate Chair for Tropical Plant Pathology and Professor

Nematology, alternative control methods

St John 309A

(808) 956-7813

Helen Spafford, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Applied entomology; Insect behavior, ecology, and management; weed biological control

Applied Entomology Research Group Website

Gilmore 611A  

(808) 956-2452

Jari Sugano, M.S.

Extension Agent
Fruit fly research and education, LIFE ed. program

Kaneohe Extension Office

(808) 247-0421

Miaoying Tian, Ph.D. 
Assistant Researcher

Plant host-pathogen molecular interactions

 St. John 317
(808) 956-5305

Janice Y. Uchida, Ph.D.

Associate Researcher

Fungal pathology, biological control of diseases, environmental impacts

St. John 304C

(808) 956-2827

Hector Valenzuela, Ph.D.


Vegetable crops, agroecology

St. John 102

(808) 956-7903

Ethel Villalobos, Ph.D.

Junior Researcher
Honeybee pest management, Honeybee Project

Gilmore 512

(808) 956-2445

Koon-Hui Wang, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Nematode ecology, nematode biological control, sustainable pest management

Gilmore 307

(808) 956-2455

Shizu Watanabe, Ph.D. 
Junior Researcher 
St. John 315

Mark G. Wright, Ph.D.
Graduate Chair for Entomology and Specialist
Associate, UH Insect Museum
Integrated pest management, tropical fruits and nuts, insect ecology, biological control

Gilmore 511A

(808) 956-7670

Emeritus Faculty

Phone / Email
Anne M. Alvarez, Ph.D.

Researcher Emerita

Plant- and environmental bacteriology

St. John 303     (808) 956 7764
Barry M. Brennan, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Agrosecurity, Pesticide safety training

St. John 002

 (808) 956-0885

John Cho, Ph.D. 
Researcher Emeritus
Taro and vegetable crop plant pathology
Maui Agricultural Research Center - Kula Research Station
M. Lee Goff, Ph.D.
Professor Emeritus
Forensic entomology, mite taxonomy 
Gilmore 611   
Arnold H. Hara, Ph.D.

Researcher Emeritus

Horticultural entomology, post-harvest insect control, regulatory entomology

Komohana Research and Extension Center, Hilo 

(808) 969-8214


Ronald L. Mau, Ph.D.

Specialist Emeritus

IPM in vegetable crops; Management of tephritid fruit fly pests, insecticide resistance

Gilmore 605

 (808) 956-7076


Minoru Tamashiro, Ph.D.
Researcher Emeritus 

Insect pathology; urban entomology

Gilmore 601A

(808) 956-6743

Eduardo E. Trujillo, Ph.D.
Researcher Emeritus 

Plant Pathology

Julian R. Yates III, Ph.D.

Specialist Emeritus

Urban pest management, termite biology and control

 Gilmore 607A

(808) 956-6747

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