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Academic Integrity

Integrity in research is of the highest importance. It represents a commitment to basic values such as fairness, equity, honesty and respect. Your professional integrity is one of the most precious things you possess. We expect and demand high standards of ethical behavior during your tenure in the department. You should expect and demand the same from us.

The following text is from the University of Hawaii Graduate Division webpage:

The University of Hawai'i at Manoa exists for the pursuit of knowledge through teaching, learning, and research conducted in an atmosphere of physical and intellectual freedom. Members of the UHM academic community are committed to engage in teaching, learning, research, and community service and to assist one another in the creation and maintenance of an environment that supports these activities.  Members of the academic community may not violate the rights of one another nor disrupt the basic activities of the institution. Students who are disruptive are subject to a variety of disciplinary actions that may include reprimand, probation, restitution, suspension or expulsion. Continued enrollment at UHM is contingent on appropriate academic conduct. Some graduate students are professionals or professionals-in-training in their respective fields, and as such, are subject to the ethical and conduct standards of their profession. Their continued enrollment at UHM is contingent on appropriate academic conduct as well as professional behavior.

It must be recognized that members of the academic community have the same privileges and responsibilities with respect to the law, as do members of the larger society. As a result, members of the UHM campus community must acknowledge that when the interests of the university are violated by a student, the student is accountable to the institution and may also be held responsible to civil authorities. These interests of the university are described in the University of Hawai'i at Manoa Student Conduct Code. Any questions regarding the Student Conduct Code should be addressed to the Dean of Students.

To ensure a safe and healthy working environment for faculty, students and staff, the University of Hawai'i at Manoa sets and enforces rigorous safety standards that meet and exceed local, state and federal law. The Environmental Health and Safety Office (EHSO) at the university sets a multitude of rules and regulations pertaining to common laboratory materials and other research related activities in Hawai‘I, and they may be quite different from those at other institutions. The university has specific programs and requirements for:
a. Radioactive material
b. Biological "commodities" - including micro-organisms, plants, animals, biological toxins, cell or tissue samples, recombinant DNA, etc.
c. Compressed gas (SCUBA) diving
d. Certain chemicals and hazardous materials
e. Disposal of hazardous waste

In addition, there are regulations governing the importation and shipment of these materials or types of equipment into the State and/or university. For more information, please visit the EHSO website.

Students who work in a laboratory setting are required to attend and maintain health and safety training in skill areas that are relevant to their work. The EHSO offers a variety of training programs in laboratory safety, radiation safety, hazardous waste, scientific diving, fire extinguisher use, and shipping of biological commodities. Please contact EHSO to check on class schedules or to arrange for training. Labs and lab members must be certified in compliance with EHSO guidelines at all times.

Program Goals

  • Students communicate effectively
  • Students are competent and knowledgeable biologists
  • Students conduct research in plant pathology


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