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Graduate Research Assistantship Policies

Our policies are consistent with University policies as described in the Graduate Assistant Overview. We have two types of assistantships in the department research and research/teaching. The research assistantships are grant funded and controlled by individual faculty. The research/teaching assistantships are a funded in part from faculty grants and from college allotted funds. Both types of assistantships come with health insurance and tuition waivers. Neither assistantship accrues vacation leave.

Research assistantships (RA) supports the research activities of a faculty who is the principal investigator of a funded project. Graduate students are hired at 0.5 FTE (a half time appointment). The specific duties of a RA will vary depending on the needs of the project and faculty member. The assigned duties may be directly or tangentially related to the RA’s program of study. At the discretion of the faculty, results from the research project may be incorporated into a thesis or dissertation. The RA can be held to 20 hours work/week for the faculty. Often, and especially when the research will be incorporated into the student’s thesis or dissertation, much more hours given to the research endeavors.

Research/Teaching assistantships (which we usually refer to as TA) come with the responsibility of assisting with the departmental instruction mission. There are generally two TA each semester and each one is responsible for contributing 10 hours/week to the instructional mission. The TA will be assigned to assist with classes being taught. The courses taught change each semester, and vary between undergraduate and graduate level. Faculty instructing each semester will have different needs of the TA and the assistance will be agreed upon each semester. Some faculty desire and some courses require greater TA involvement. However, TA instructional activities should not exceed an average of 10 hours/week over the fall and spring semesters.

RA and TA are advertised in a variety of ways including posting around campus, in professional society newsletters, and on the internet. Upon application, the faculty member offering the assistantship reviews and selects the candidate. Individual faculty determine the criteria for renewal and termination, as well as evaluate performance, of the graduate assistant. Assitantships are offered on an annual basis or for shorter term appointments. Generally, students are eligible for an assistantship until they have graduated or funding has been exhausted.

Professional/Scientific Meetings

TPP graduate students are encouraged to attend professional meetings. Funding for travel to scientific meetings may come from a variety of sources. Grants from may be available form your advisor. The department often has an annual solicitation for travel support. The Graduate Student Organization usually has a call for travel support. Professional societies, such as the American Phytopathological Society, also support student travel to their meetings.

Program Goals

  • Students communicate effectively
  • Students are competent and knowledgeable biologists
  • Students conduct research in plant pathology


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Research Assistant Policies

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