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Tropical Plant Pathology
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PEPS Facilities

The Department of Plant and environmental Protection Sciences is housed predominately in Gilmore Hall and St. John Building on the Manoa campus. Most plant pathology staff are found on the third floor of St. John Plant Science Building. The department also has space in the Pope Environmental Laboratory and at the Magoon Greenhouse Facilities, as well as sites off campus and on neighbor islands. If you require special rooms for seminars, conferences or audio/visual presentations, rooms may be reserved to meet these needs.

Harold St. John Plant Sciences Building Laboratories

Plant Pathology occupies nearly 900 m2 of floor space in St. John. The facilities include eight laboratories, a teaching laboratory, general-use media preparation and incubator rooms, a departmental library, the departmental office, and graduate student offices. Laboratories are equipped for research in bacteriology, mycology, nematology, virology, and extension plant pathology. There are several walk-in ‘cold rooms’ located in the rooms 306. If you require the use of these cold rooms please make arrangements with your advisor.

General-use laboratories (shared by all members of the department) are located in rooms 306, 308 and 311. Room 311 contains two autoclaves, sterile distilled water, an ice machine, a microwave, a drying oven, and a -80?C freezer. Use of the autoclaves is signing up on the sheet located on the table in front of the machines. Please follow directions for the use of the equipment in the room. You must be trained and authorized before using the autoclaves. Incubators are housed in room 306. Incubators are maintained at various temperatures. If you need to use an incubator please see the faculty member who uses the machine and get their permission before placing material in the chamber or altering the temperature. The laboratory in 308 contains equipment which you may use with permission of the appropriate faculty member.

The departmental office is located in rooms 305 and 307. Departmental supplies, the photocopier, facsimile machine, and mailboxes are found in room 305.


The Department has greenhouse space available at four locations: Pope Environmental Laboratory, Magoon Greenhouse Facilities, the Gilmore roof top, and Whitmore Experimental Station. Greenhouse space is allocated to faculty members and graduate students may obtain greenhouse bench space through their advisors. Mr. Steve Yoshida is our greenhouse technician and provides basic care of plant material and maintenance of the physical facilities in Pope and Magoon. Mr. Gareth Nagai provides limited plant care at the Whitmore greenhouse.

Pope Environmental Laboratory

  • 7 bays (undergoing renovation in 2010)
  • 170 m2 bench space

Pope Environmental Laboratory greenhouses were built in 1970 and are located adjacent to Sherman Lab, on the mauka side of St. John. These greenhouses are of the standard glasshouse construction type. The Pope headhouse is for the storage of pots and media, for washing and cleaning pots/samples, and for general preparation of experimental treatments. Sterile soil or potting mixtures must be prepared by individual research projects. All experimental supplies are purchased by individual research projects (e.g., fertilizer, stakes, etc.). General and routine insect control is performed by Mr. Yoshida. Special pesticide needs are the responsibility of individual research projects.

Magoon Greenhouses

  • 7 bays (renovated in 2009)
  • 2 bays open shade
  • 250 m2 bench space

The Magoon greenhouses are of the standard glasshouse construction type. At Magoon, there is no general work area for preparing experiments (e.g., potting, labeling stakes, etc.). Therefore, prep work must be done on individual benches. Similarly, storage of pots and media must be in Pope Lab head house area of in the storage shed located at Magoon. Greenhouse maintenance and supply procedures are the same as for the Pope greenhouses.

Whitmore Greenhouse

  • 21 benches available
  • 64 m2 bench space

The Whitmore greenhouses located about 25 miles from campus near Wahiawa, Oahu were remodelled in 1992. They are constructed of translucent fiberglass. A centralized potting area is available. All greenhouse maintenance (spraying, clean-up), operations (watering, etc.) and supplies are the responsibility of individual research programs.

Program Goals

  • Students communicate effectively
  • Students are competent and knowledgeable biologists
  • Students conduct research in plant pathology


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