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The final Master’s or Doctoral defense and examination are the culmination of your graduate education and reflects your accomplishments. Your approved thesis or dissertation that is accepted by the Graduate Division becomes a single-author publication and contributes to the body of knowledge in plant pathology.

In accord with Graduate Division policy, you will present the results of your thesis/dissertation in a seminar open to the community. Your oral examination will follow your seminar and be limited to your committee members and all interested members of the Tropical Plant Pathology graduate faculty. In consultation with your advisor, you will select a date for your seminar and exam when your committee can be present. You will reserve an appropriate room, such as St. John 106, Sherman 103 or Gilmore 310. You will notify the graduate chair so that an announcement can be made to the Tropical Plant Pathology graduate faculty. You will post announcements of your upcoming seminar in the buildings.

M.S. Plan A

The M.S. Plan A candidate is required to make a public presentation of her/his thesis research, after which a general examination is given by the graduate faculty. This examination, or defense, consists of a seminar of approximately 40 minutes after which questions are asked by any member of the audience. After a short break, the candidate will be examined further by her/his academic program committee and any other member of the graduate faculty who wishes to attend.

The thesis committee then makes one of the following decisions based upon this examination:
1. Passed.
2. Failed; take examination again at a later date.
3. Failed; drop program in Plant Pathology.

At this time, Form III is completed and submitted to the Graduate Division. After a final copy of the thesis has been approved by the student's Permanent Committee, the thesis is submitted to the Graduate Division.

M.S. Plan B

The M.S. Plan B candidate is required to make a presentation of her/his directed research. The audience, the advisory committee and any other member of the graduate faculty who wishes to participate may ask questions during this culminating event. A short examination by the committee follows the presentation. The exam focuses on the directed research that the student conducted.

Ph.D. Defense

Each Ph.D. student will defend her/his dissertation. A defense consists of a seminar on the research, and is open to all members of the University of Hawaii community and an examination regarding the details and content of the dissertation. Any member of the graduate faculty may attend. The candidate’s entire committee must attend the thesis/dissertation defense. Substitutes may be appointed for absent committee members using the procedures set out in the Graduate Division Manual. If the defense is acceptable to the Advisory Committee, Form III is submitted to the Graduate Division. If not acceptable, further research may be required by the committee. Only after the final copy of the dissertation has been submitted and approved by the committee is the dissertation submitted to the Graduate Division.

Program Goals

  • Students communicate effectively
  • Students are competent and knowledgeable biologists
  • Students conduct research in plant pathology


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