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Graduate Studies at PEPS Tropical Plant Pathology
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Plant pathology is the study of plant diseases, their causes, and the interactions with the environment. The primary thrust in the program focuses on agricultural crops of economic importance; however, opportunities exist for discovery research in natural ecosystems and the laboratory. Plant pathology consists of several sub-disciplines including phytomycology, plant virology, bacteriology, nematology, epidemiology, crop protection, and molecular biology of host-pathogen interactions.

Tropical Plant Pathology Graduate Student Handbook

In order for an applicant to be accepted into the graduate program, a faculty member must be willing and available to serve as the student's Advisor. Students are expected to work closely with their Advisor, and are assigned workspace within the Advisor's laboratory. Therefore, applicants are very strongly encouraged to review the interests of the Tropical Plant Pathology Graduate Faculty, and contact prospective advisors in their particular area of interest prior to applying for admission to the MS or PhD program.

Tropical Plant Pathology graduate degree programs

Students should have their undergraduate preparation in botany, horticulture, agronomy, microbiology, or plant and environmental protection sciences. Plant pathology has its foundation in biology and agriculture and offers wide opportunities in both basic and applied areas of biology, plant sciences, and agriculture. The tropical plant pathology program at UH Manoa offers students a unique opportunity to gain knowledge of plant diseases on a vast diversity of tropical crops and native plants as well as the impacts of plant protection practices on the environment.

Application for admission

Please see the Graduate Division Website for general graduate admissions requirements and procedures. Applications for admission must include GRE scores for verbal and quantitative aptitude. Candidates may need to demonstrate evidence of adequate preparation in other subject areas as well. Deficiencies may be corrected during the graduate program. In addition, applicants must (1) submit a Statement of Objectives describing their goals and interests in plant pathology directly to the Graduate Program Chair, and (2) arrange to have three confidential letters of reference sent directly to the Graduate Program Chair.

Graduate Program Chair: Dr. Brent Sipes

If you require information in an alternative format, please contact us at:

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