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Master of Science Program - Entomology

The MS degree program is offered as either Plan A (thesis) or Plan B (non-thesis). For a general description of these options, see the requirements for each option below. A total of 30 credit hours are required for each degree option. A graduate advisory committee composed of at least three members of the entomology graduate faculty provides guidance to the student. Important: In order for an applicant to be accepted into the graduate program, a faculty member must be willing and available to serve as the student's Advisor. 

The MS in entomology program provides an education in general knowledge of entomology, including basic principles of insect identification, biology, systematics, and pest control and prepares the student for employment in private industry, government agencies, and research institutions.
Expected student learning outcomes are:

  • Acquire and demonstrate competency/skills as a biologist
  • Acquire and demonstrate knowledge of entomology necessary for professional success
  • Acquire and demonstrate communication and literacy skills

MS Plan A (Thesis)

  • 16 credit hours of course work including seminars.
  • 2 credit hours of PEPS 690 Seminar in Entomology.
  • 12 credit hours of PEPS 700 Thesis Research.
  • 2 credit hours of PEPS 799 Proposal/Defense Seminar (CR/NC).
  • Final oral defense and submission of acceptable thesis.

MS Plan B (Non-Thesis)

Students preparing for a career in research or admission to a doctoral program are advised to enroll in MS Plan A (thesis).

  • 23 credit hours of course work including seminars.
  • 2 credit hours of PEPS 690 Seminar in Entomology.
  • 1 credit hour of PEPS 799 Proposal/Defense Seminar (CR/NC) during the semester in which a proposal for the directed research project is given.
  • Final defense of the directed research project and examination on other aspects of entomological training before the advisory committee.

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Mark G. Wright

Office: Gilmore 511A

Phone: (808) 956-7670

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