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PEPS Courses

Brief descriptions of PEPS courses are given in the UH catalog . The schedule of classes is online for current semesters .
The table below lists current summary information on PEPS classes. Scheduled semester and instructors subject to change.

Undergraduate Courses

Course Title Semester Instructors
PEPS 210 Intro to Environmental Science Fall and Summer  Uchida and Sipes
PEPS 250 World of Insects (Hybrid-Online) Fall Spafford
PEPS 310 Environment and Agriculture Spring Wang
PEPS 350 Invasive Pest Species Spring (alt years) Rubinoff
PEPS 363 General Entomology Fall Spafford
PEPS 363L General Entomology Lab Fall Spafford
PEPS 371 Genetics: Theory to Application Fall Tian 
PEPS 405 Plant Pathogens and Diseases Fall Nelson 
PEPS 410
Sustainable Soil and Plant Health Management
Spring (alt years)
PEPS 418  Turf pest management   Fall Cheng
PEPS 421 Foundations of Pest Management Spring Spafford
PEPS 422 Biocontrol of Invasive Species Fall or Summer Wright
PEPS 430 Plant Disease Management Spring Nelson
PEPS 451 Environmental Law Spring Sipes
PEPS 463 Urban Pest Management Spring Staff
PEPS 481 Weed Science Fall Wang
PEPS 486 Insect Microbial Symbioses Fall Bennett
PEPS 491 Topics in Plant and Environmental Protection Fall and Spring Staff
PEPS 495 PEPS Capstone Fall, Spring and Summer Spafford
PEPS 499 Directed Research Fall, Spring and Summer Staff

Graduate Courses

Course Title Semester Instructors
PEPS 601 Agrosecurity and Food Safety Fall Melzer
PEPS 605 Biology of Plant Pathogens: Fungi and Nematodes Fall Sipes and Tian
PEPS 606  Biology of Plant Pathogens: Bacteria and Viruses Spring Hu and Arif
PEPS 615 Diagnosis and Management of Tropical Plant Diseases Summer Melzer
PEPS 615L Diagnosis and Management of Tropical Plant Diseases Laboratory Summer Arif
PEPS 616 Plant Nematology Spring (alt years) Sipes
PEPS 630 Plant Virology Fall (alt years) Hu
PEPS 641 Insect Physiology Fall (even years) Wright
PEPS 646 Plant-Bacterial Interactions Fall (alt years) Arif
PEPS 652 Molecular Plant-Fungal Interactions Spring (alt years) Tian
PEPS 660 Seminar in Plant Pathology Fall and Spring Staff
PEPS 662 Systematics and Phylogenetics Fall (alt years) Rubinoff
PEPS 664
Immature Insects
Fall (alt years) Staff
PEPS 671 Insect Ecology Fall (alt years) Wright
PEPS 675 Biological Control of Pests Spring (alt years) Wright
PEPS 676 Biological control of Weeds (Synchronous Online) Spring (alt years) Spafford
PEPS 686 Invertebrate Microbiology Spring (alt yrs) Bennett
PEPS 690 Seminar in Entomology Fall and Spring Staff
PEPS 691 Special Topics Fall and Spring Staff
PEPS 695 Plan B Master's Project Fall and Spring Staff
PEPS 699 Directed Research Fall, Spring and Summer Staff
PEPS 700 Thesis Research Fall, Spring and Summer Staff
PEPS 799 Proposal/Defense Seminar Fall, Spring and Summer Staff
PEPS 800 Dissertation Research Fall, Spring and Summer Staff

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