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Silvia Gianetti Barber: Scientist learned critical thinking skills at Mānoa

Silvia Barber is a scientist at Integral Consulting with 10 years of experience with environmental assessment projects. A certified lead risk assessor in the state of Hawai‘i, she can often be found dressed in her personal protective equipment collecting environmental samples.

https://uhalumni.org/manoa/story/silvia-gianetti-barber-environmental-scientist-learned-critical-thinking-skills-at-manoaShe focuses on environmental issues related to agriculture, environmental due diligence in support of property transactions (evaluating environmental liabilities before purchasing properties: are you buying a property that is polluted, or that has caused surrounding pollution?), and litigation support. Full of energy and determined to address any form of contamination, she has participated in soil, sediment, water, air, and biota sampling at several Superfund sites (sites that are contaminated with hazardous waste, and are put on a priority list for cleanup by the EPA) in the continental United States. Born and raised in Italy, Silvia came to Hawai‘i 14 years ago to swim, surf, and pursue her master’s degree.

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