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Minimum course requirements: Twenty one course credits (12 credits must be from BE courses of which 9 must be earned in courses numbered 600-699, 12 or more course credits must be at 600 level or above), one graduate seminar in biological engineering or equivalent, 9 thesis research credits.

Two-page proposal. MS students shall define and discuss their research projects with their major advisors and write a two-page research proposal with specific objectives within the first semester.

A thesis proposal seminar: MS students need to present their preliminary results and plan of research in a proposal seminar within one year of entrance.  MS students who conduct research in laboratories outside the Manoa campus may present their proposal seminars in their laboratory locations.

Presentation at the CTAHR symposium. MS plan-A students must make at least one presentation in the CTAHR symposium.  They are encouraged to make presentations in other national and international conferences.

Thesis defense. MS plan-A students must make a public presentation of their thesis research in the final semester (preferably within two years of entrance).  Students should consult with their committee and the Graduate Chair in advance to ensure a convenient and available date for this presentation that will also meet graduate division deadlines.  A seminar notice must be posted in appropriate places in the department and other important locations.  A seminar notice must also be sent by email to all MBBE graduate faculty and students.

Publication. Students are encouraged to publish a paper in a peer-reviewed scientific journal before the defense date.  In publications, the MBBE departmental address should appear as the students’ primary or secondary address. For details, please see “General guidelines and requirements for PhD degree in MBBE”. 

Suggested Completion Date

Admission Deadline
Year 1
Choose PI and Project

Form Committee
Proposal Presentation
Form II
Year 2
Thesis Final Defense
Thesis Submission
Form IV


Required for Degree Completion

1 - BE seminar
6 - 400 level credits
12 - 600 level credits
 12 - BE courses (9 - 600+)
9 - 699 research credits
6 - 700 research credits
Present in CTAHR Symposium



Minimum course requirements: Twenty seven course credits (Eighteen credits of 600-level courses (excluding 699), eighteen credits in biological engineering with 12 or more in courses numbered 600-698), one graduate seminar in biological engineering or equivalent, 3 credits of MBBE 699.

Research report, final presentation and oral exam. The plan-B students also do a research project for at least two semesters.  The results of this research should be written as a ‘research report’ and submitted to a committee composed of the research advisor, another faculty and the Graduate Chair.  The results also must be presented as a seminar in the final semester.  At the end of the presentation, the committee will ask questions about the research project and other related subjects.  The written report should be about 10-20 pages, double spaced, with the following sections:  abstract (200-300 words), introduction (background and justification, 1- page), literature review (3-7 pages), objectives, materials and methods (3-7 pages), results and discussion (3-10 pages), and references.  For graduation, a student must obtain a satisfactory evaluation of the research report, oral presentation, and in response to the committee’s questions.

Suggested Completion Date

Year 1
Choose PI and Project
Form Committee
Year 2
Project Presentation and Oral Exam
Report Submission
1 - BE seminar
Required for Degree Completion
9 - 400 level credits
18 - 600 level credits
18 - BE credits (12 - 600+)
3 - 699 research credits


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Biological Engineering

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Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering

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