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Welcome to the ginger bacterial wilt website!

Read our new publication: "Bacterial Wilt of Edible Ginger in Hawaii" (Oct 2013)

This website was funded by a grant provided by Western SARE, entitled 
"Control of Bacterial Wilt of Ginger Through an Integrated Pest Management Program"
Project SW10-013

The purpose of this website is to provide useful information about bacterial wilt disease of edible ginger for farmers in Hawaii and the Pacific and to the general public. Here we describe the disease, the typical symptoms and its diagnosis, and the damaging effects on edible ginger production in Hawaii. We discuss the pathogen, Ralstonia solanacearum Race 4, and how to sample for it and detect it within soils and infected ginger rhizomes and soils. We outline and discuss the most effective disease management practices for bacterial wilt and illustrate the important concepts with photographs and embedded videos. We also share the results of our recent research projects on the disease.

Strands of milky white, plant-pathogenic bacteria streaming from an infected ginger rhizome
suspended in a beaker of water, a sign of bacterial wilt disease

Site last updated on 9 October 2013
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