Tectona grandis

(syn. Jatus grandis, Tectona theka, Theka grandis), teak, Bangkok teak

  • Family Verbenaceae.
  • Native to Southeast Asia. Wood used for fuel, building poles, building timber, heavy construction beams, carpentry, joinery, flooring, panelling, shingles, bridges, railway sleepers, containers, pallets, crates, vats, woodware, tool handles, cutlery, toys, musical instruments, sports equipment, carvings, turnery, marquetry, furniture, veneer, boats, wood based material, plywood, wood extractives (oil).
  • Weed Risk Assessment Score: -5 (low risk)

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Tectona grandis leaf and bark Tectona grandis leaf and inflorescense Tectona grandis trees Tectona grandis wood

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