Aleurites moluccana

(syn. Aleurites javanica, Aleurites remyi, Aleurites triloba, Jatropha moluccana), kukui, candlenut tree, tutui, varnish tree, candleberry tree, lumbang (Guam), sakan (Palau), lama (Samoa), Indian or Belgium walnut

  • Family Euphorbiaceae.
  • Native to Malaysia.
  • Special areas in Hawaii: Keahua, Waimea Arboretum, Foster, Tantalus, Haleakala.
  • Wood previously used for lightweight canoes and fishnet floats, multiple uses of oil from the seed.
  • Weed Risk Assessment Score: 12 (High) However the tree is a pre-Western introduction to Hawaii and other Pacific Islands.
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Aleurites moluccana fruit and seed Aleurites moluccana leaves and flowers Alley crop with kukui, milo, and ginger Aleurites moluccana tree

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