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FDM Requirements

In addition to fulfilling the UHM Core, graduation, and CTAHR/FCS requirements, students must complete the following courses for the FDM major.

FDM Major Core Requirements

17 Cr.


Core Req.

Fulfilled under:

FDM 101 Introduction to the Fashion Industry                                         


FDM 200 Culture, Gender & Appearance


(3) DS

FDM 205 Basic Apparel Construction


FDM 216 Fashion Illustration I 


(3) DA

FDM 221 Textiles I


(3) DP

FDM 210 Western World Fashion History 


FDM 492 Internship


(3) WI

FDM 495 Capstone Portfolio


(3) WI

FDM Elective Courses

Student selects six (6) courses total: two classes each from three of the four groups. Students must take other elective courses in FDM or other departments to complete 120 credits minimum.

Apparel Design Topics

Merchandising Topics

FDM 215 Block Pattern Design

FDM 315 Draping

FDM 316 Advanced Pattern Design

FDM 330 Adv Apparel Construction

FDM 338 2D/3D Computer Aided Design

FDM 340 Computerized Pattern Grading

FDM 350 Embellishments (DA)

FDM 419 Apparel Design Studio I

FDM 420 Apparel Design Studio II

FDM 496 Field Study in Fashion

FDM 301 Fashion Forecasting/Marketing

FDM 339 3D Retail Store Design

FDM 371 Retail Buying & Merchandising

FDM 375 Merchandise Planning & Control

FDM 437 Small Business Start Up (OC, WI)

FDM 471 International Trade Issues (E)

Cultural Topics

Textile & Apparel Topics

FDM 416 Costumes & Cultures of East Asia

FDM 418 Costumes & Cultures of

                   Southeast Asia

FDM 460 Costume Collections Mgmt (OC, WI)

FDM 321+L Textiles Quality Assurance (DP, WI)

                     & Lab (DY)

FDM 411 Product Lifecycle Management (OC)

FDM 430 Fashion Show Production

FDM 491 Topics in Fashion

FDM 496 Field Study in FDM

When planning their course schedules, students should:
 Take FDM 101, FDM 200, FDM 205 and FDM 221 as soon as possible; they are prerequisites to advanced courses.

 FDM Design Emphasis Majors should take the following courses in the sequence listed:





FDM 205

FDM 215


FDM 315 & FDM 338

FDM 350


FDM 350

FDM 315 (if not taken previously)

FDM 316


FDM 419

FDM 338 (if not taken previously)

FDM 420

Students interested in showing collections in the annual fashion show must register for FDM 419 or FDM 420. However, registration does not guarantee participation in the fashion show.

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