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Family Resources Degree Program

Family Resources (FamR) is a Bachelor’s of Science degree program that provides students with a comprehensive, ecological systems-based program of study in human development, family development, and family resource management. The FamR curriculum provides students with a multitude of experiences through coursework and off-campus activities to give them the knowledge and professional skills needed for careers in family/human services. The curriculum encompasses these studies:

  • Changing needs, dynamics, and challenges of families over time
  • Management of human, material, financial, and community resources to meet these needs
  • Growth and development of individuals over the human life cycle
  • Interrelationships of individuals, families, and communities in the context of diverse socioeconomic and cultural systems.

The FamR curriculum provides students with comprehensive study of human development, family development, and family resource management. Students are prepared for positions in family service agencies; family life and parenting education programs; children's, youth, and gerontology programs; child care and early childhood education centers; and consumer affairs agencies. The courses cover these topics and more:

  • Healthy family relationships
  • Healthy and resilient human development at all ages
  • Family caregiving for older adults and grandparents raising children
  • Family public policy
  • Family and consumer resource management
  • Community leadership and resource development.
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