$4.6M project turns to non-invasive plants in fight against wildfires 8 July 2024

$4.6M project turns to non-invasive plants in fight against wildfires

The project aims to mitigate wildfire risks and restore ecosystems through increased seed supply of native (and non-invasive non-native) plant materials.

Hawaiʻi faces unique challenges in wildfire management, particularly due to the prevalence of more than 1 million acres of fire-prone non-native vegetation. University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Extension Specialist Clay Trauernicht is looking to go to the root of the issue: Could restoring ecosystems with non-invasive and native plants alleviate some of the threat?

A Biorefinery in Hawaiʻi? 20 June 2024

A Biorefinery in Hawaiʻi?

MBBE prof sees commercial potential for seaweed-derived compounds

Dictyota sp. is a seaweed native to Hawaiian waters that is notable for its ability to produce fucoidan and alginate. What are these compounds, you might ask? Why, they’re high-value ingredients with wide application in the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food processing, medical, and dental industries.

Resilience and Reproduction 20 June 2024

Resilience and Reproduction

HNFAS prof aims to boost sustainability in fishponds

In ancient Hawaiʻi, fishponds were remarkably successful in ensuring a steady supply of food. In modern times, these seafood “farms” can greatly relieve pressure on wild stocks and supplement market demands – especially local species that are increasingly important economically. 

Preserving Palapalai 20 June 2024

Preserving Palapalai

Extension and UGC host expert on native ferns

Palapalai is an indigenous Hawaiian fern – one of the most important plants in hula – and Oʻahu Extension was proud to host a recent talk with Hawaiian fern specialist Kay Lynch. The UH Horticulture graduate (ʻ98), Master Gardener, and founder of Lāʻau Hawaiʻi, a Hawaiian fern propagation research nursery, spoke at CTAHR’s Urban Garden Center

Kānaka, Local, Malihini 20 June 2024

Kānaka, Local, Malihini

FDM prof speaks at Fashioning Aloha exhibition

As model (and incoming UH student) Makana Gomes sported various types of shirts, Andy Reilly of the Fashion Design and Merchandising program, Dept. of Family and Consumer Sciences, educated the audience at the Honolulu Museum of Art on the relation between aloha shirts and personal identity.


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