26 November 2019

Tune in for Food

Mixed Plate Minute with Pamela Young and Sam Choy’s in the Kitchen feature CTAHR ingredients and staff

Tune in for Food

What? You missed a whole season of Sam Choy? Eight humorous episodes with the world-renowned chef inviting himself into a couple’s home, raiding their kitchen for leftovers, and reaching for CTAHR ingredients to save the meal?

Not to mention Pamela Young’s terrific storytelling vignettes inserted into the episodes, featuring interviews with CTAHR’s very own Ted Radovich, Jari Sugano, and more?

No worries—all of the episodes are available online! Just click the links below and grab a bag of popcorn (or carrots, cucumbers, celery, tomatoes...)

Much work went into the planning, coordination, planting, and harvesting to ensure that Sam always had the freshest, most aesthetically pleasing ingredients—as KHON staff and the host families will attest. Special thanks to Jari, Jensen, Amjad, Josh, Janel Yamamoto, Emilie Kirk, and everyone in the CTAHR ‘ohana who helped make the show a success!

P.S. A last-minute additional episode, featuring world surfing champ Kelly Slater and musician Jack Johnson, is being filmed as we speak. Stay tuned…

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