24 June 2019

The Price of Analysis

Help tally the cost of lab fees

The Price of Analysis

A group in CTAHR is attempting to quantify the amount of money spent by the college’s researchers on external lab fees, specifically for the following services:

  • Nutrient or elemental analyses of anything (soils, plant, water, foods, or forage materials)
  • Nutritive aspects of food or forage (protein, fiber, lignin, cellulose, etc.)
  • Heavy metal analyses
  • Bioassays for viruses, bacteria, or fungi
  • Genetic analyses of anything

Anyone who has paid an independent laboratory to conduct any of these analyses in the past three years is asked to please contact Noa Lincoln (TPSS) at nlincoln@hawaii.edu.

Confidentiality is guaranteed, with any results presented solely as amalgamated figures.

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