29 June 2020

Pigs for a Healthy Planet

Research swine and the environment for this RFP

Pigs for a Healthy Planet

The National Pork Board has sent out a Request for Proposals for reviews of environmental scientific literature, available here. The Board is soliciting research proposals dealing with the following areas of animal well-being:

  • In-Barn Particulate Matter
  • Water Quality Impacts of Manure Application
  • Effects of Manure on Soil Health

Proposals are due Monday, July 13, at 12 noon HST (that is, 5:00 p.m. CST).

If you have questions specific to the content of the proposal, you can contact Marguerite Tan at mtan@pork.org. For questions specific to the site and submission process, contact Bev Everitt at beveritt@pork.org or (515) 223-2750.

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