27 September 2019

New Grant for Sea Grant

UH Sea Grant College Program receives aquaculture funding

New Grant for Sea Grant

Assistant research professor Andre Seale (HNFAS) is also a co-investigator in the University of Hawai‘i Sea Grant College Program, which has received nearly $1.4 million to establish a new aquaculture-focused collaborative program in Hawai‘i and the Pacific region and explore new aquaculture opportunities.

To fully integrate aquaculture research, outreach, and education, Hawai‘i Sea Grant and its partners were awarded the funds to revitalize, solidify, and expand a socially, geographically, and economically inclusive aquaculture-focused program. It will serve as a hub for the aquaculture industry, state and local government organizations, community groups, and practitioners, and it will focus on the continued development and enhancement of aquaculture and indigenous aquaculture practices across the state and region.

NOAA provided the funding to address specific priorities of the 2019 Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative, which will help spur the development of a sustainable marine and coastal aquaculture industry in the U.S. 

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