26 November 2019

Food for Families

EFNEP celebrates a half-century milestone

Food for Families

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is celebrating 50 years of successful programming! In Hawai‘i, EFNEP is a grassroots initiative of CTAHR’s Cooperative Extension Service in cooperation with county, state, and federal partners. It teaches parents, caregivers, and youth the essentials of nutrition, food safety, food resource management, food preparation, and physical activity.

EFNEP serves the local community, ensuring success and improving quality of life for families and children by helping limited-resource families acquire lifelong knowledge, skills, attitudes, and behaviors necessary for economic and nutritious diets that contribute to personal development.

November 8, 2019, was marked as a day to celebrate and recognize EFNEP graduates, volunteers, and UHM Cooperative Extension Service professionals in Hawai‘i who have worked together for five decades to enhance the quality of life in the Islands.

Gov. David V. Ige and Lt. Gov. Joshua B. Green recognized EFNEP for 50 years of invaluable service to our community and asked all residents in the Aloha State to join them in celebrating its successes in teaching, helping and serving limited-resource families in Hawai‘i.

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