Happy 50th Earth Day! 22 April 2020

Happy 50th Earth Day!

PEPS and TPSS students celebrate the International Year of Plant Health

As a way to raise awareness of Earth Day, students in CTAHR’s Sustainable Plant and Soil Health Management class have created a new video on Soil Health Management that illustrates the importance of keeping the soil covered.

Flower Jewelry 22 April 2020

Flower Jewelry

Floriculture students display their creations on social media

Ever heard of floral jewelry? Beautiful rings, bracelets, and earrings are crafted from flowers, leaves—even live plants. Combined with wire and ribbon, they’re a stunning amalgam of the natural and the created, the ephemeral and the enduring. Floral jewelry pieces are only some of the astonishing plant artworks created by Tropical Plant and Soil Sciences students taking Floriculture Arts.

In Style 21 April 2020

In Style

CTAHR’s Design Contest is a winner

Get ready to dress for success, because the results are in for CTAHR’s Design Contest! Dean Nicholas Comerford invited FDM majors and minors to participate in a clothing design competition to recognize the amazing talent in the state’s only B.A. program in fashion design, support budding fashion leaders toward a career in haute couture, and spark some fresh and creative visual ideas for CTAHR’s new line of merchandise.

Get Food, Give Food 15 April 2020

Get Food, Give Food

The Food Vault at UH Mānoa is open for hungry students—and your donations

Students in need of food will be glad to know that, despite the disruptions to campus life, the UH Mānoa Food Vault Hawai’i is still open. To maintain social distancing, distribution is now by appointment only. Make an appointment for pick-up and bring your UH Mānoa student ID and your own bag.


What Is Up With That? 7 April 2020

What Is Up With That?

The lighter side of bulk-buying

Enjoy a chuckle with this social-commentary cartoon created by Fashion Design and Merchandising student Marissa Nash, who also works as a junior editor in CTAHR’s Office of Communication Services.


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