Teaching Change in Changing Times 1 May 2020

Teaching Change in Changing Times

NREM-affiliated educational program expands its offerings

The Teaching Change educational program was recently awarded two grants to continue running educational programs for students on Hawai‘i Island! Teaching Change is a collaborative partnership among NREM, USDA Forest Service, and the Akaka Foundation for Tropical Forests. It focuses on natural resource management in Hawai‘i, career-connected learning, and student-led citizen science.

27 April 2020

Good Source of Resources 2

Don’t forget to check back to the CTAHR COVID-19 response page

If you haven’t been by lately, the COVID-19 Resources for Hawai‘i page compiled by Extension agent Nancy Ooki has added a whole lot of new resources that can help you…and your clients and stakeholders.

It’s broken up into categories such as Food Safety and Sourcing, Plants and Agriculture, Human Health, and more. Each is replete with critical, science-backed information that ranges from the Hawai‘i based, like local farm food-safety guidelines, to the global, like the CDC’s recommendations for keeping your pet safe from the virus.

Check it out, share the link with those it can help…and keep sending Nancy resources to add! Just email her at ooki@hawaii.edu.

Attend the Faculty Senate Remotely 8 April 2020

Attend the Faculty Senate Remotely

Agenda includes Dean’s “State of CTAHR” report and discussion about responses to budget cuts

Join in to the CTAHR Faculty Senate by Zoom on April 27 at 1:00 p.m. The agenda includes reports and updates, Dean Comerford's "state of CTAHR" report, and a discussion of the college’s response to budget cuts. This is a good chance to learn and make your voice heard, so join in!

24 October 2017

New Publications

Scaling Up Restoration Efforts in the Pacific Islands
24 October 2017

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