Runoff and Hawaiʻi Coral 10 June 2020

Runoff and Hawaiʻi Coral

Master’s thesis investigates the human impact on native soft octocoral

How are humans impacting the amazing corals in the ocean with runoff and other stressors? Find out at Anita Tsang’s defense of her master’s thesis proposal, “Using an endemic Hawaiian soft coral, Sarcothelia edmondsoni, as a bioindicator of freshwater input and anthropogenic influence.”

Congratulations to AlannaMarie Salas and Michelle Au 15 May 2020

Congratulations to AlannaMarie Salas and Michelle Au

Co-winners of the 2020 Dean’s Award for Ka Hana Po‘okela student service

Normally awarded at the CTAHR Annual Banquet, this year’s Dean’s Award recipients will be honored here, on your laptops and tablets, and with their names carved into the plaques that adorn Gilmore Hall. Prize monies will also be distributed. The 2020 Dean’s Award for Ka Hana Po‘okela student service goes to AlannaMarie Salas and Michelle Au.

Honor Our Graduates 13 May 2020

Honor Our Graduates

CTAHR will host an awesome Virtual Convocation!

Get ready to applaud the many and amazing accomplishments of CTAHR’s Spring 2020 graduating class! Our first Virtual Convocation ceremony, hosted by the Academic and Student Affairs Office (ASAO), is happening this Friday, May 15.

Feed the Need 28 April 2020

Feed the Need

Help stock the Food Vault Hawai‘i for hungry students

Even before COVID-19, an alarming number of UH Mānoa students were regularly suffering from food insecurity and downright hunger. Joannie Dobbs, then-faculty of CTAHR’s Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences, brought this problem to the attention of the Associated Students of UH, which partnered up with other campus groups.

Looking to the Future 16 March 2020

Looking to the Future

Students get a chance to network at CTAHR job fair

Students had the opportunity to get some free food and make an investment in their future at CTAHR’s 2020 job fair, held in the Campus Center ballroom on Friday, February 28. Companies focusing on the subject matter in every CTAHR department from, agriculture and conservation to fashion and family science, were in attendance to meet, greet, and recruit future employees. Many of their employees or founders were CTAHR grads themselves.


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