Turtle Food 2 May 2018

Turtle Food

Rajesh Jha (HNFAS) co-authored a new publication, “Of turtles and trees: Nutritional analysis of tree heliotrope (Heliotropium foertherianum) leaves consumed by green turtles (Chelonia mydas) in Hawaiʻi,” about a new food turtles have recently been observed eating: leaves that fall from the popular coastal tree called tree heliotrope.
Spiritual Grandparenting 2 May 2018

Spiritual Grandparenting

Loriena Yancura (FCS) co-authored a new publication, “The Contributions of Religious Practice, Existential Certainty, and Raising Grandchildren to Well-Being in Older Adults,” published in the Journal of Religion, Spirituality and Aging, which examined whether religious practice, spiritual development, and existential certainty are positively linked with grandparents' well-being.
Land Values 18 April 2018

Land Values

Wildfire expert Clay Trauernicht and Pua‘ala Pascua (both NREM) are co-authors of a paper, “Bringing Multiple Values to the Table: An Assessment of Future Land-Use and Climate Change in North Kona, Hawaiʻi,” that recommends a collaborative approach in working with stakeholders to assess the multiple values that different ecosystems in Hawaiʻi provide.
Value From Biowaste 27 March 2018

Value From Biowaste

Samir Khanal’s new book, Waste Biorefinery: Potential and Perspectives, offers data-based information on cutting-edge processes for using biogenic waste to produce biofuels, energy products and biochemicals.

An Essential Tool 14 March 2018

An Essential Tool

Kaua‘i County administrator Russell Messing recently served as co-guest editor and contributor for a special issue of the journal BioControl, focusing on the current status of biological control theory, research, and implementation worldwide. Also contributing to the issue were Mark Wright and Gordon Bennett (PEPS).


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