Uses of the Fungus Among Us 27 June 2018

Uses of the Fungus Among Us

Samir Khanal (MBBE) is co-editor of a new book, Fungal Biorefineries, that covers the uses of fungi in biorefinery technology. It focuses on applications of fungi for the production of products such as organic acids, hydrolytic enzymes, advanced biofuels, polyols, single-cell proteins for animal feed, and secondary metabolites.
New Access to Historical Works 27 June 2018

New Access to Historical Works

TPSS worked with Hamilton Library’s Head of Desktop Network Services and her staff to complete the scanning and uploading to ScholarSpace of all the Horticulture and Agronomy and Soil Sciences dissertations and theses from the college, printed copies of which were originally shelved in TPSS’s library in St John.
Drugs in the Water 20 June 2018

Drugs in the Water

Samir Khanal (MBBE) published a paper in Environmental Science Technology on the removal mechanisms of the most common fluoroquinolone antibiotic, ciprofloxacin, in wastewater treatment systems. Antibiotic compounds and their metabolites have frequently been detected in the environment, causing serious public concerns.
Africanized Bees 16 May 2018

Africanized Bees

Scott Nikaido and Ethel Villalobos (PEPS) just co-authored an article in the Journal of Apicultural Research on the “Detection of Africanized Bees in the Dominican Republic” as part of collaborative work between UH and officials from the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica.
Whee, 3-M-E-P! 2 May 2018

Whee, 3-M-E-P!

This year saw another successful 3MEP competition, in which students present their highly technical research projects in a short, concise, and audience-friendly format. Winners are Michael Honda (PhD), Natalija Glibetic (MS), Rebecca Barone (undergraduates), and Duc Nguyen (People’s Choice award)!

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