How Much Coffee? 28 May 2019

How Much Coffee?

Travis Idol and Adel Youkhana (both NREM) recently published a helpful paper detailing an easy and accurate protocol for estimating coffee yield in Hawai‘i. “A Rapid Visual Estimation of Fruits per Lateral to Predict Coffee Yield in Hawaii,” published in Agroforestry Systems Journal, allows farmers to predict the amount of their crop, a crucial task and an ongoing challenge, with less cost, time and labor.

The Good Garden 23 April 2019

The Good Garden

Did you know gardening is healthy for social bonds as well as for the body and the planet? Sothy Eng (FCS) recently published an article in the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, “Healthy Lifestyle Through Home Gardening: The Art of Sharing,” with three UHM undergraduate students that explains just that. 

Their Research Is Taking Off 5 April 2019

Their Research Is Taking Off

Up, up, and away! Want to know more about growing jet fuel from plants? Junior researcher Adel Youkhana (NREM), Richard Ogoshi (TPSS, retired), and their co-authors recently published a new paper in Energy & Fuel Journal, “Review of Biomass Resources and Conversion Technologies for Alternative Jet Fuel Production in Hawai’i and Tropical Regions.”

The Power of Pruning 6 March 2019

The Power of Pruning

Now macadamia growers have a new weapon against an invasive pest, the macadamia felted coccid. Alyssa Cho (TPSS) and her collaborators showed that pruning the canopy of the trees reduced populations of the insect by half. Alyssa collaborated with Mark Wright (PEPS) and Extension agent Andrea Kawabata, with support from Rosemary Gutierrez-Coarite and Javier Mollinedo.

Editing Powerhouse 22 February 2019

Editing Powerhouse

Rajesh Jha (HNFAS) was recently appointed as a section editor in the area of Nutrition and Metabolism of the journal Poultry Science. This journal, published by the Poultry Science Association, is considered the best journal in the field globally. Rajesh also serves as associate editor for other two prestigious journals in the field, Frontiers in Veterinary Science and Animal Science Journal


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