Food for Families 26 November 2019

Food for Families

EFNEP celebrates a half-century milestone

The Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) is celebrating 50 years of successful programming! In Hawai‘i, EFNEP is a grassroots initiative of CTAHR’s Cooperative Extension Service in cooperation with county, state, and federal partners. It teaches parents, caregivers, and youth the essentials of nutrition, food safety, food resource management, food preparation, and physical activity.

The Face of Nutrition 26 November 2019

The Face of Nutrition

Send in your submission for the cover of revised nutrition textbook

Faculty and grad assistants in the Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences department created an open-access online textbook to serve as an introduction to nutrition for undergraduate students. It covers basic concepts in human nutrition, key information about essential nutrients, basic nutritional assessment, and nutrition across the lifespan. They’re now looking for submissions for a new cover image for a revised edition! Image submissions should reflect food, nutrition, and the beautiful Hawaiian community.

Space…the Final (Reproductive) Frontier 5 November 2019

Space…the Final (Reproductive) Frontier

Multiple problems with reproduction can affect astronauts, HNFAS researcher shows

Birendra Mishra (HNFAS) co-authored a groundbreaking study, “Reproductive Hazards of Space Travel in Women and Men,” supported by NASA and published in the prestigious journal Nature Reviews Endocrinology. Extended travel in deep space poses potential hazards to the reproductive function of female and male astronauts, such as exposure to cosmic radiation, microgravity, increased gravity (hypergravity), psychological stress, physical stress, and circadian rhythm disruptions.

To Bean or Natto Bean, That Is the Question 6 August 2019

To Bean or Natto Bean, That Is the Question

Soybean variety trial and hands-on workshop was a success

Natto…people love it or they hate it. Making natto is a good way to preserve soybeans, add nutritional content, create a value-added product, and produce a distinctive flavor and texture that some swear by…and others swear about. Participants at the recent natto workshop at the Pearl City Urban Garden Center were decidedly of the former camp, eagerly tasting different preparations of the sometimes-slithery fermented soybean condiment and learning how to make it themselves.

Hot Chickens 6 August 2019

Hot Chickens

Heat stress research wins award

HNFAS grad student Sanjeev Wasti received the Certificate of Excellence for the best research and presentation in the Nutrition and Metabolism section at the 2019 Poultry Science Association meeting in Montreal, Canada. Sanjeev is working towards his master’s degree in Animal Sciences under the mentorship of Birendra Mishra (left).


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