Pigs and Papaya 8 April 2020

Pigs and Papaya

CTAHR Extension is helping two industries save each other

The pig farmers had no feed for their pigs. The papaya farmers had no market for their papayas. But CTAHR brought them together. Extension livestock agent Mike DuPonte, a member of the Hawaii Island Pork Association, is coordinating with Hawaii Papaya Industry Association president Eric Weinert to feed surplus papayas to the pigs.

Vet Humor 14 February 2020

Vet Humor

Alumnus publishes veterinary joke book

Love animals and need a laugh? Tyler Primavera, an ANSC major who graduated from CTAHR a few years ago, has published a book of jokes about animals and vet school. Tyler, originally from Kailua, is now a veterinary student in Italy and is showing that the serious business of learning to be a veterinarian doesn’t have to be so serious after all!

What Will the Cattle Eat? 23 December 2019

What Will the Cattle Eat?

CTAHR tackles spittlebug infestations on Hawai‘i Island

A recent article in Hawaii Tribune Herald noted that Mark Thorne, Extension specialist with the Department of Human Nutrition, Food & Animal Sciences, is working with the Kona livestock community to combat the two-line spittlebug (TLSB), a recently discovered pasture pest. They "pose a significant economic threat to the Hawai‘i livestock industry,” he says.

Get Schooled on Aquaculture 23 December 2019

Get Schooled on Aquaculture

Researchers present mini-symposium January 15

Andre Seale in the Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences will host an international mini-symposium, “Approaches for Experimental Challenges in Aquaculture Research,” with Darren Okimoto and Darren Lerner from UH Sea Grant on January 15. Other CTAHR presenters include Fritzie Celino-Brady and Rajesh Jha.

Fish and the Water They Live In 12 December 2019

Fish and the Water They Live In

Two new studies show how environmental factors affect tilapia

Andre Seale (Department of Human Nutrition, Food and Animal Sciences) and collaborators have published two new studies on aquacultured tilapia, a common and adaptable farmed fish in the Islands. Both discuss the ways the fish are affected by the water they are raised in and other environmental conditions, including salinity, light and darkness, and chemicals.


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