Healthy Eating with the Kaleiopu‘u Keiki 12 September 2018

Healthy Eating with the Kaleiopu‘u Keiki

Monica Esquivel (HNFAS) took a visit to the Kaleiopu‘u Elementary kindergarten classrooms to share information about nutrition, physical activity, and community resources for healthy eating and food. The presentation was a part of a project to help the 135 kindergarteners at Kaleiopu‘u learn about healthy food choices and exercise.


Connecting Cultures with Food 12 September 2018

Connecting Cultures with Food

The Dietetics Program’s Individualized Supervised Practice Pathway (ISPP) interns recently met with visiting Chuo University Policy and Business Communications students for a morning of culture and noodles! The ISPP interns prepared a variety of noodle dishes representing the diverse cultures of our state, from long rice to chap chae.

He’s Aces 12 September 2018

He’s Aces

HNFAS alumnus Nate Black, who earned an MS in Nutritional Sciences, has just co-authored a book with his brother Ben. Both graduates of BYU, the brothers created a guide to assist BYU students entitled Acing BYU that includes everything from lists of resources for scholarships, internships, and other opportunities to broader tips and life lessons.

Sustaining Ag Education 15 August 2018

Sustaining Ag Education

Ted Radovich (TPSS, pictured) was one of the presenters, along with Rachel Novotny and Marie Fialkowski Revilla (both HNFAS), at the Symposium on Re-envisioning and Regenerating Agriculture Education through P-20 Partnerships sponsored by the P20 Agriculture Education Workgroup.

Pathogens Beware! 1 August 2018

Pathogens Beware!

In a one-two pathogen punch, Food Science MS students Cherisse Chun and Bog Eum (Grace) Lee won the top two honors in the Food Microbiology Division Student Competition at the 2018 Institute of Food Technologists meeting at Chicago.


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