Getting Rid of the Pest 13 November 2019

Getting Rid of the Pest

Funding is needed to eradicate invasive longhorn beetle

There’s a new agricultural pest in town, and Dan Rubinoff (Dept. of Plants and Environmental Protection Sciences) is ready to start investigating it. He was interviewed by KITV about the Australian longhorn beetle, which is threatening citrus, sago palm, cacao, breadfruit, and kukui trees. A local chocolate company said their cacao yield has dropped 20 percent since the beetle has infested their trees. It also affects native trees such as ‘ōhi‘a and lama.

Space…the Final (Reproductive) Frontier 5 November 2019

Space…the Final (Reproductive) Frontier

Multiple problems with reproduction can affect astronauts, HNFAS researcher shows

Birendra Mishra (HNFAS) co-authored a groundbreaking study, “Reproductive Hazards of Space Travel in Women and Men,” supported by NASA and published in the prestigious journal Nature Reviews Endocrinology. Extended travel in deep space poses potential hazards to the reproductive function of female and male astronauts, such as exposure to cosmic radiation, microgravity, increased gravity (hypergravity), psychological stress, physical stress, and circadian rhythm disruptions.

New Faces: Jia-Wei Tay 5 November 2019

New Faces: Jia-Wei Tay

Welcome to Jia-Wei Tay, a new assistant professor of urban entomology in PEPS! Her research is in the biology and management of invasive species, especially insect pests adapted to the urban environment. She hopes to figure out environmentally friendly alternatives to control target pest without impacting beneficial non-target organisms and the larger ecosystem.

For the Birds 28 October 2019

For the Birds

Enjoy a night at the Honolulu Symphony while learning about endangered native birds

Join in the avian excitement as the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra performs the Symphony of the Hawaiian Birds, an original set of works produced by Hawai‘i’s composers, artists, biologists, and educators! Melissa Price of CTAHR’s Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management is a creator of the concert project, bringing to it her perspective on conservation and wildlife management. It’s all happening November 5 at the Blaisdell Concert Hall!

Squirm 28 October 2019


TPSS and NREM show how studying earthworms can affect conservation

Noa Lincoln, of CTAHR’s Department of Tropical Plants and Soil Sciences, and Nathanial Wehr, of our Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Management, are co-authors of a new article published in the prestigious journal Science about the importance of earthworms in biosystems—and the necessity for studying these wriggly creatures so we can keep those biosystems healthy.


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