Co-KEE! Co-KEE! 21 January 2020


Invasive frog “picked the wrong yard” to invade

Dan Rubinoff of the Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences was interviwed by KHON after finding a coqui frog on his Mānoa property. Being an expert in invasive species, Dan was able to easily identify the loudly calling invasive pest, so he captured the frog and alerted the authorities. 

Good Advice 21 January 2020

Good Advice

CTAHR’s new Research Advisory Committee is convened

Research in the college is in good hands with the formation of the new Research Advisory Committee (RAC)! Members are Mohammad Arif (PEPS), Susan Crow (NREM), Noa Lincoln (TPSS), Creighton Litton (NREM), Daniel Owens (MBBE; Senate liaison), Mark Thorne (HNFAS), and Hua Zan (COF).

What Will the Cattle Eat? 23 December 2019

What Will the Cattle Eat?

CTAHR tackles spittlebug infestations on Hawai‘i Island

A recent article in Hawaii Tribune Herald noted that Mark Thorne, Extension specialist with the Department of Human Nutrition, Food & Animal Sciences, is working with the Kona livestock community to combat the two-line spittlebug (TLSB), a recently discovered pasture pest. They "pose a significant economic threat to the Hawai‘i livestock industry,” he says.

What Bit Him? 23 December 2019

What Bit Him?

PEPS expert weighs in on culprit in spider-bite reaction

Dan Rubinoff, in the Department of Plant and Environmental Protection Sciences, was interviewed for KHON’s story about a local man bitten by an unknown spider. The bite caused tremendous pain, swelling, even tissue damage, and people want to know what caused it!

See the Dragons 23 December 2019

See the Dragons

Exhibition of rare robes will greet Chinese scholars

Shu Hwa Lin, in the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences, is preparing a special costume exhibition for the Hawaii International Conference on Chinese Studies to welcome international scholars and conference attendees. The exhibition will highlight three rare and beautiful Chinese Qing Dynasty dragon robes.


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